The hair transplant results photos and the statements below show some examples of the results obtained from hair transplants with F.U.E. technique in our clinic. The photographic documentation compares the situation of the patient before the operation and the results obtained 6 months after the hair transplant. You can notice the natural results with the implant of hair which start to grow in areas where they were previously absent.

Hair transplant results photos

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hair transplant hair transplant


The Scientific Committee of Istituto Helvetico Sanders® decided to publish the following statements according to the costumers’ will to share their experience concerning hair problems in order to avoid many doubts that often plague those who have not yet found expert and professional doctors to heal and solve their hair problems.
To respect the confidentiality and privacy of our clients in the statements below we decided to use pseudonyms to protect their anonymity.
The statements, deposited at the Scientific Committee of the Istituto Helvetico Sanders, are absolutely authentic, with the details and personal data of our clients.


"A couple of years ago I realized I had a problem: my hair. In addition, my father is bald and everyone told me that hair problems depend on hereditary diseases, which cannot be cured. My interests/hobbies (soccer, 
fitness and boxing) could no longer distract me from my doubts, insecurities, powerlessness caused by this 
situation. I went to the Istituto Helvetico Sanders and I got the wished results. It is clear that the more 
time passed, the more I felt satisfied: I felt that my choice gave me back wellness and self-confidence to 
face life challenges."
"I am a 32 years old man who never paid much attention on his hair. They were there! Perhaps this is the 
biggest rip-off in terms of hair: do not think about it because we are used to see them on the head; and we 
begin to think about it only when we lose them, when we are no longer able to comb them, when we find them 
twisted in the sink ... Maybe we think about it, but we pretend not to notice, expecting that everything willbe as before. Instead, nothing changes. They Continue to fall.Until we resign ourselves. My mother encourage me to have an Analysis at Istituto Helvetico Sanders. And few months after treatment, I realized that my 
hair grew back stronger. My gaps were gradually covering and my hair grew naturally as a few years before. "
"2 or 3 years ago I started to look in the mirror more carefully: I had the impression that my hair grew 
quite a little in the front area. Time rolls by, I play for time, maybe it’s a period… but the impression 
persists. Until one day my wife let me notice that a "bald spot" is coming out in my hair. Should I ask 
advice from the hairdresser? No, better pharmacist. It’s not my impression anymore. I must do something. 
I go to the pharmacist, who suggests me some products. I choose a well-known brand: advertising is 
everywhere and everyone talks about it...I thought it should have been a good product. Dear me! I noticed on my skin (or on my hair!) that the products in advertising are not necessarily good. Or, in other words,
effective. Browsing on Internet I run almost immediately on the site. I spend a lot of time browsing to 
collect and compare information, and then I decide: I send an e-mail and fix a hair transplant surgery; 
it was a great decision because after 6 months my hair are beautiful again, as when I was young ".


 "I'm a 28 year old girl and I'm a doctor ... I never thought that Istituto Helvetico Sanders® was an 
organization so specialized in the treatment of hair problems. The preparation of the staff, and the reached results, led me to review completely my opinion on private care organizations: why didn't I call them before? I would have spared a lot of useless anxiety".
"My name is LM, I am 45 years old and since one year I am an Istituto Helvetico Sanders’ patient. 
In my family we really care about our wellness: we all practice sport activities because it 
makes us feel good. 
Health is the most important necessity for all of us, and even if I am very busy with my job as a 
veterinarian, and my role as wife and mother, I always manage to find out time to go swimming. I swim at 
least 3 times a week. It makes me feel good. When I realized that my hair were different, I began to dislike me, hair are so important for a woman. My peace of mind and my self-esteem are among the few certainties on 
which I will not ever give up. I realized then that I had to find the solution immediately.I did not want to waste time anymore.Because this uncertainty, these doubts about my problem could haunt me, and I already haveseveral things to think about: my job, my children, my family and, last but not least, my hobbies.
I always want to feel good, even on the aesthetic side.
My look, and even then my hair, like all women, are really essential.
About this, perhaps, we are different from men who seem to be strong, but do not have the decision-making 
that women have.
Feeling good is priceless, so I decided immediately to rely Istituto Helvetico Sanders.
I definitely wanted to solve my problem: you cannot expect to solve such a problem only on the aesthetic 
front, sooner or later it would show up again. Soon, I went back to feeling like a woman. With my hair. 
I found myself with bright thatch and without any inflammations that had bother my scalp. I've never been 
so glad to put trust on in Istituto Helvetico Sanders®.
I feel better. And I live better, both at work and with my family."
"I am a 62 years old woman, I had lost all hope to get my hair back...
 I suffered from alopecia areata. Anxiety, feelings of inferiority... I lived gripped by pain of living.
 I'm fine now: I found my hair back... and even myself. How many sacrifices, but feeling good is priceless!”

hair transplant results photos
The hair transplant results photos and the statements are some examples of the results obtained from hair transplants with F.U.E. technique.