Fue Hair Transplant

Istituto Helvetico Sanders plays along with you on this experience that starts from an accurate medical examination conducted by our Expert Plastic Surgeons that will explain all phases of the operation.

Features of the Fue technique:

  • No visible linear scar and no suturing stitches.
  • Gradual and genuine result
  • Healing of the donor area: 6-12 days.
  • Permanent pain: no.
  • Occasionally some minimal discomfort during the first week.

Our protocols provide two types of hair transplant surgery: long and maxi operation that differ in their duration and number of follicular units transplanted.

The choice of the type will be defined in each case during the visit with our surgeons. They will indicate the best existing solution based on the characteristics of the patient and the best result obtainable.

For over  30 years, all the Services of Istituto Helvetico Sanders have only one purpose, your goal reachment.


Video Description of the FUE technique



The surgery is performed under local anesthesia, it  takes 4 to 5 hours and does not require the surgical removal of tissue linear (no scar). The FUE hair transplant is carried out using a hollow cylindrical scalpel , with a diameter of one millimeter, called the punch, and by a spring-spindle syringe.

The intervention of FUE hair transplant is divided into two phases:

PHASE 1 EXPLANTATION: a window is created at the level of the donor area where the hair is shaved off a millimeter (the hair in the area of implant may remain with the original length) and the skin is anesthetized. The follicular units are taken one by one by the rotation of the centric punch following the direction of the hair within the scalp. This technique allows to obtain follicular unit without making incisions.

PHASE 2 OF IMPLANT: the implanting area is first anesthetized. The anesthetic injected under skin makes the skin swollen and dilated allowing implanting follicular units closer to each other. The follicular units are placed on a syringe needle with a beveled and by means of a spring-spindle system housed in the skin following the natural orientation of the surrounding hair. In this way, the implanted hair grow naturally without artificial effects and can be washed, combed, and cut as before.

The signs of surgical hair FUE are not visible because  the size tip of the surgical instrument are very small and micro-plates transplanted have exactly the same diameter of the holes created to accommodate them. The scars of FUE surgery are almost absent  where the new hair are implanted, either on the back of the neck.



Post operation

Our protocol provides a medication (24 h after surgery) at the level of the donor area. In the three days after surgeryit’s important to not stimulate the area of implant. After a week, hair  can be washed again.

Most of the implanted hair falls after three months because of the stress undergone by the follicle through implant and explant. Times change from follicle to follicle. It depends on the stage of the life cycle where the hair was in the process of withdrawal. The bulbs in telogen and catagen fall for first and give rise to new growth after approximately 4-6 months.
Before falling, bulbs in late anagen pass in catagen and telogen phase and will grow back after about 6-9 months. Bulbs in early anagen may instead continue their life cycle without falling.

You will have a remarkable aesthetic result after 6 month.