Istituto Helvetico Sanders® offers a unique and inimitable service: you will have your hair transplant surgery with F.U.E. technique performed by specialist surgeons with  hundreds of operations experienced, and at the same time you will have the opportunity to spend a wonderful holiday in Italy, the country of fashion, good food and fine wines, universally known for its highest number of historical and artistic beauties.

Istituto Helvetico Sanders® is the leading organization in the trichologocal field with 24 centers in Italy, high-skilled in specialized solutions and customized treatments to contrast all hair problems. In Italy since 1984, Istituto Helvetico Sanders is the unquestioned leader of cosmetic-trichological sector with more than 30,000 people who trusted the company and solved their baldness problems (both men and women).



The new Hair Transplant with F.U.E. (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique allows to obtain follicular units without making incisions. Thanks to the constant scientific progress, this technique achieved quality standards very close to perfection, exceeding by far the traditional techniques that are obsolete by now.

Transplant’s results are completely natural, with hair normally growing in areas where they were absent before. You can cut them, stroke them and comb them just as you did before.

The clinic of the Istituto Helvetico Sanders® is located in Perugia (Italy), within a comfortable four-star hotel, on the top of a panoramic hill, surrounded by a secular park,  in ​​a healthy natural environment. It’s the perfect background for your stay, enjoying a suggestive and relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to its favorable location, it is the perfect place for natural excursions but also for historical, artistic and cultural tours.



The hair transplant with F.U.E. technique is minimally invasive, allowing the patient to resume normal activities in few days. So you can combine the hair transplant surgery with a wonderful holiday with your family that will allow you to discover the beauty of the Italian territory and visiting all the main tourist destinations in central Italy, such as Rome, Assisi, Florence, Bologna and many others. With numerous guided tours available, you can choose to visit the Vatican and the historical monuments of Rome, or maybe go shopping in the center of Florence; lots of possibilities at your disposal and on request you can have also a guide in your mother tongue.

Istituto Helvetico Sanders® has always been at the forefront of trichological field, our techniques and procedures are successfully efficient against baldness and can give you back your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Enjoy again the pleasure of running your hand through your hair. Smile again with Istituto Helvetico Sanders, we care about your hair!

Istituto Helvetico Sanders offers a unique service: you will have your hair transplant surgery with F.U.E. technique, spending a holiday in Italy.